4 Reasons to Move to Florida


Are you thinking about moving to the Sunshine State? Prized for its beautiful weather, white sandy beaches and vibrant culture, Florida is the ideal place to live for singles, families and retirees. While there are countless perks of living in Florida, here are some key reasons to make the move.

  1. Warm Weather Year Round. Florida is called the Sunshine State for a reason; the state offers warm, sunny weather year round. This can be especially appreciated if you currently live in an area prone to cold, snowy winters. Never again will you have to worry about shoveling the driveway or scraping ice off the car. Florida has some of the mildest winters in the United States, with the average lows at 77 degrees F in Miami, 65 degrees F in Key West, 41 degrees F in Tallahassee.
  1. Endless Miles of Beautiful Beaches. Along with its great weather, Florida has some of the best beaches in the world. The state has miles and miles of beautiful white sandy beaches, making it the ultimate paradise for beach lovers. No matter where you are in the state, you’ll never be more than an hour from the beach. This means you can spend your days soaking up the sun, swimming, scuba diving, and enjoying water sports. Oh, and did I mention, sunsets on the beach?
  1. Amazing Activities & Attractions. There’s no shortage of things to do in Florida. In addition to spending time at the beach, you can enjoy Florida’s world-class shopping and restaurants, rich history, and bountiful wildlife. The state has tons of attractions for the whole family, including museums, zoos, aquariums, amusement parks, and much more.
  1. Low Cost of Living. Compared to many other states, Florida is a very affordable place to live. It’s one of the few states that don’t have an income tax, and the sales tax is relatively low. Additionally, Florida’s mild weather allows you to spend less on heating and cooling your home.

If you’re ready to enjoy everything Florida has to offer, contact Coastal Realty Services. Coastal Realty Services reviews all the available properties in your desired area to find you the perfect home based on your needs, preferences and budget.



4 Things that Turn off Homebuyers


With winter coming to an end, the real estate market’s peak season is just around the corner. If you’ll be listing your home come spring, now’s the time to ensure it’s in tip-top shape. Part of getting your house ready for potential buyers is avoiding elements they don’t like and tailoring your home to suit their preferences. Coastal Realty Services reviews the latest real estate trends, and here’s what they say can really turn buyers off.

  1. Carpet. Nowadays, more and more homeowners prefer hardwood floors over carpet. Hardwood floors are attractive and cleaner looking. If you have beautiful hardwood floors under your carpet, consider tearing out the carpet to show them off. A home with nice hardwood floors may sell faster and for more money than a home covered in carpet.
  1. Bold Paint Colors. While dark and bright paint colors may appeal to some, they don’t appeal to the majority of house hunters. While repainting is relatively cheap and simple to do, it provides another job for homebuyers who want a move-in ready house. It’s better to paint the walls a neutral color, such as off-white or beige, and use accessories to add a pop of color. A simple paint color will appeal to everyone and provide a blank canvas for those looking to add bolder colors.
  1. Wallpaper. Along with bold paint colors, most homebuyers are not fans of wallpaper. Even if it’s only on a single wall, it’s time-consuming to remove and adds yet another task to the list of renovations. It’s best to remove the wallpaper before you show your home and paint the walls a neutral color.
  1. Converted Garage. If your home has a garage, house hunters will want to use the space to park their car and store tools and lawn equipment. If you’ve converted your garage into a game room or music studio, you should convert it back so you don’t miss out on potential buyers.

To sell your home quickly and for top dollar, it’s best to have your property appeal to the majority of buyers.  By avoiding the above pitfalls, you’ll have a better chance of selling your home.




Why is Fall a Great Time to Move?

shutterstock_192037553Spring is the busiest time of year for real estate, and many people view it is the best time to buy a home. While buying or renting a home in the spring does have its perks, it’s not necessarily the best time to do so. During the spring, more people are putting their homes on the market and prices are more competitive due to the larger pool of potential buyers. If you’re planning on moving, consider doing it in the fall instead. Coastal Realty Services reviews the benefits of moving during the fall:

Less demand and better rates for homes

If you’re looking to get a good deal, fall is the perfect time to rent or buy a home. During the fall, there is less demand for homes in comparison to the spring and summer. With a smaller pool of interested buyers or renters, sellers are more willing to negotiate their rates to fill the vacancy. While you may have a smaller selection of homes to choose from, you will likely end up getting a better deal. And, you won’t have to worry about competing with tons of other interested buyers or renters.

Movers offer lower rates

Summer is a popular time for moving, especially among families with children. Families with children choose the summer because it doesn’t interfere with the school year. Summer is also a busy moving time for college students who are starting to settle into their new dorms. Because the summer months are a peak time for moving, moving companies can charge higher rates for their services. Their rates will be the lowest in the off-season, which runs from late-September and through the winter. While the fall is better for your pocket, it’s also better for movers who aren’t as likely to break a sweat in the cool weather.

More flexibility with the move

Along with cheaper rates, you also get the benefit of more flexibility when you move in the fall. For instance, things can come up. Maybe your new house isn’t ready on time, or maybe your new job needs you to start earlier than expected. Whatever the case may be, if something were to come up the moving company has a greater availability and will be more likely to adjust their schedule to accommodate you.

3 October Events You Don’t Want to Miss

Fort Walton’s beautiful weather and white sandy beaches are reason enough to visit or move here. It’s a great place to spend time year round and is full of exciting things to do. If you’ll be visiting this October, here are some fun events you can enjoy in the area.

37th Annual Destin Seafood Festival

Since the first event in 1979, the Annual Destin Seafood Festival has continued to bring people together to enjoy great food and each other’s company. This year the festival will be held October 2 – 4 at the Destin Harbor from Harborwalk Village to the Boathouse Oyster Bar. The event will feature local seafood, arts and crafts vendors and live entertainment.

Dog Daze

Mark your calendars for the canine social event of the year. On October 10 from 9 am to 4 pm, you can enjoy fun games and activities with your pup at the 2015 Dog Daze. This year the event has relocated to Liza Jackson Park, where there’s more space for canine-centered activities and ample parking for their families. Sponsored by Petland, the event will feature fun games, contests, dog-centered vendors, agility events, weiner races and much more. All dogs six months and older will proof of vaccination are welcome to attend.

Baytowne Wharf Beer Fest

Celebrate Oktoberfest Florida style at the Baytown Wharf Beer Fest on October 16 and 17. Held at the Village of Baytowne Wharf in Destin, the event will feature live music, games and more than 200 domestic and international craft beers. Brewery representatives will be present to teach attendees about the different types of lagers and ales and the variety of styles. If you love beer, this is an event you do not want to miss.

Who says all the fun in Fort Walton has to end after these events? If you’re looking for a property in the area, contact Coastal Realty Services. Coastal Realty Services reviews all the best properties in the area to find the perfect one that meets your needs, budget and style.


Move Over Summer, Fall Is Officially the Best Time to Vacation

If you were to ask the average person when they think the best time to go on a vacation is, they would most likely say that summer is the ultimate vacation season. After all, summer has been built up as the only proper time to vacation for decades. People grow up used to having the summers off from school, then they enter the workforce and have “summer hours.” There are always a lot of events happening in the summertime, and the warm weather makes it an ideal time to head outdoors.

Despite all this, however, you’re actually better off vacationing in the fall than the summer. The cooler shoulder season has a lot of benefits for anyone who is willing to think outside the box. Here are some of the reasons to consider fall:

Great weather, without the extremes

How much do you really enjoy stretches of 90+ degree weather? How about frequent, severe afternoon and evening thundershowers? Summer weather can be warm and agreeable, but it can also be extremely uncomfortable and unpredictable. If your main reason for vacationing in the summer is the warm weather, you’d be much happier vacationing in the fall. September and even early October still have warm days, but they don’t have nearly as much of the humidity or unpredictability. You can have all of the sunshine and warm temperatures, but none of the stifling heat or dangerous thunderstorms.

See the great attractions without the wait

Have you always wanted to see the Statue of Liberty up close? Do you dream of finally being able to see the Grand Canyon? Do you just want to enjoy the beach or boardwalk? You can easily do all of these things in the summer, but you’re going to be standing in a lot of lines when you do it. Since summer is such a popular season for vacation, every destination is bound to be packed with people. If you go during the fall, you can finally say goodbye to long lines! You’ll be able to see all of your dream destinations, but you won’t have to spend a lot of time waiting to actually experience them.

coastal town in fall

Unbeatable Prices

May to August is officially known as the high season for hotels, resorts, airlines, rental properties, and any business involved in the travel industry. The high season doesn’t just bring a lot of vacationers to various places across the country; it also brings higher prices for travel. Airline tickets and reservation rates drop significantly once the high season is over. Read anything from TripAdvisor or coastal realty services reviews about traveling during the fall, and you will notice how surprisingly cheap everything is.

Getting the Most Out of Coastal Realty

There are lots of coastal realty services that specialize in helping you find a home that’s close to—or on—the water. But how do you make sure you find the right property for you, and get the most out of your budget? Here are a few tips that making buying coastal realty easier—and a better investment:

coastal realty

1.  The quality of the house matters as much as the beach – When buying coastal real estate, the first thing most of us see are clear skies, a shining sun, and the beach. And there’s no doubt that property that is on the water or close to the beach will have a lot of value—both today and in the future. But it’s not the only thing that matters. In many ways, buying coastal property is just like buying regular property, but with a really great amenity (the shore). And when buying regular property, people pay a lot of attention to how well a house is built, how big it is and what condition it’s in. If all you want is a vacation house, then a beach shack might be fine, but if you want lasting property value, then look for a house that’s well-built and would be desirable no matter where it was located.

2.  Cast a wide net when it comes to location – Beachfront is not the only kind of coastal property there is. For example, you could get a nicer, larger house for a lower price by looking just a little bit inland, and still be only minutes from the sand and waves. Or, if beachfront or direct water access is important to you, then widen your search. Property farther from town may be cheaper in some areas, homes on the backwater often cost less than beachfront ones, or you may find a smaller, less popular but equally beautiful fishing town for much less. As a rule, anywhere with tourists is going to have more expensive property values, too.

3.  Think about flooding/storms – We all like to imagine the good times on the beach, from surfing or fishing to parties with friends. But like anything, the coast has some disadvantages too. Think about whether your home will be in danger of flooding or damage from tropical storms. Can you get the appropriate insurance here, and how much will it cost? Is your house built with precautions—like being raised up on stilts? A house that is built to survive all but the most serious weather conditions will be a better investment than one that might be damaged over and over.

coastal realty

What do you look for in coastal real estate?

Benefits of Buying Beach Property

Are you considering buying a house on or near the beach? Coastal Realty Services specializes in amazing beachfront properties that you’ll love coming home to. There are many reasons people love living on the beach, but here are four of the biggest benefits:

beach and water

1.  The beach itself – There is something about living right on the beach that’s just magical. Everyone loves going to the beach, but it’s something different to wake up to the sound of the waves and smell the fresh ocean air as soon as you walk outside. Homeowners with beachfront property quickly learn that the ocean has many moods, expressing itself in different colors depending on the weather, the time of day, and the tide. And when the beach is your backyard, you have myriad opportunities to take a stroll or a swim any time you want. Many beachfront homeowners love to spend evenings just sitting on a porch or deck and watching the waves roll in.

2.  The parties – Of course, one of the big benefits of beachfront property is the social opportunities it affords. Holding a cookout or a party is always fun, but how much more fun is it when you have the beach and the sea at your disposal? There’s something incredibly alluring about a beach party. Guests can run into the waves, swim, splash each other, sun themselves, play beach volleyball, and have a cookout on the beach as the sun gets low. But unlike a normal beach party, you have the house just steps away, with ice-cold drinks, bathrooms, places to sit and chat with friends, and the option of AC or a shady place to sit. Whether your beach house is your vacation home or your full-time residence, you will have limitless fun sharing it with others.

3.  Boating and water sports – Of course, if you enjoy water sports, then living on the beach is a dream come true. Whether you’re interested in catching waves on the surfboard, going out on your sea kayak, windsurfing, or any other activity—having the water just steps away means you can do it whenever you want.

4.  Property value – Of course, a beach house is more than just a place to have fun – it’s also an investment. And beachfront property is always in demand. Property values in most beach communities just climb year after year.

What draws you to live on the beach? What would be your favorite thing about living there?