Home Buying Tips

shutterstock_166947962Did you know that the fall season is one of the best times to buy a home? There are a few reasons why people tend to buy homes in the fall, but mainly it’s due to the fact that there are more homes on the market leading to more price competition. It works out in the consumer’s favor because there are plenty of homes to compare side by side. Comparables are the best thing to have when looking for a home; they can potentially drive down the purchase price of a home you are considering for purchase.

Another reason why the fall is a great time to buy is because homeowners with children are often looking to sell their homes quickly. Parents want their children to adjust to new schools as early in the year as possible; if their house is still on the market when the academic year starts, those houses become aggressively priced so they can move on to another place and have their children begin at another school before the year progresses too far. Additionally, people start to think about the year-end tax breaks around September-October. Owning a home can yield great dividends when it comes to tax returns, prompting more buyers during the fall.

Things to Consider

Since you will have plenty of options on the market that could suit you, consider looking at homes that are energy efficient. Keep in mind that owning a home is a long-term investment and the purchase price isn’t the only associated cost. You will have utility bills, water bills, gas bills – you name it. Finding a home on the market that has energy-efficient appliances or are of newer construction will save you money in the long run. Buying a newer home will also help prevent having to replace big ticket items like an air conditioner or water heater, at least for a few years.

After you have narrowed your home search, begin getting your finances together so you can have a game plan ready when it’s time to put in an offer. Consult expert real estate agents for the best advice like the ones at Coastal Realty Services. Reviews of the neighborhood you are considering can help; by seeing what community amenities, if any, are present in the area, you can write an offer that reflects the real value of the home without going overboard. After all, it is your money and the next place you might call home!