House Hunting: The Ultimate Guide

Finding the next place to call home can be a hard task to accomplish especially since there are so many choices on the market. There’s the house with the gourmet kitchen, the one with the big back yard and the other one with the gorgeous master suite. You can quickly become swept away from one specific feature that it could down play the important things on your list. It’s important to set your priorities right off the bat so you can look at the big picture: a home that has everything you need and want.

1. Make A List. Before you start house hunting, make a list that can set your priorities of what you need. Do you need two bedrooms, three bathrooms, a garage or a big back yard? Whatever needs you have, write them down and place them at the top. Be sure you include the needs and wants of others who will be living with you so you can have input from the whole gang. After you have your master list complete, highlight the ‘must-haves’ so when you see some houses without your ‘must-haves’ you can narrow down your search.

2. Comparisons. Since you have your list completed, you may have found some potential houses that meet your needs and wants. When this happens, compare them side by side to make it easier on you. Whichever house has the better features and amenities, get rid of the latter. This process may happen quite a few times but keep in mind, you want the very best. Don’t forget: when touring a home, if you immediately fall in love with a home, take a step back and re-evaluate everything! Give yourself ample time to soak everything in before jumping in.

3. Inspect. Let’s say you found a home you absolutely love. This is the time to go through your list all over again. Instead of walking through the house as a potential buyer, grab your pen and go through the house like an inspector. Take your time analyzing everything all over again. With this being said, check out the property at different times of the day and notice the way it looks. Is the neighborhood buzzing with people? Is it noisy? Finding the answers to these questions are important because the atmosphere may be different than when you first saw the property.

4. Consult. If you find a home that fits your needs and budget, reach out to your realtor for further help. They can help seal the deal and get you in your next home; whether it’s in a coastal area or inland, Coastal Realty Services can give you the extra assistance you need no matter where you are house hunting.