Move Over Summer, Fall Is Officially the Best Time to Vacation

If you were to ask the average person when they think the best time to go on a vacation is, they would most likely say that summer is the ultimate vacation season. After all, summer has been built up as the only proper time to vacation for decades. People grow up used to having the summers off from school, then they enter the workforce and have “summer hours.” There are always a lot of events happening in the summertime, and the warm weather makes it an ideal time to head outdoors.

Despite all this, however, you’re actually better off vacationing in the fall than the summer. The cooler shoulder season has a lot of benefits for anyone who is willing to think outside the box. Here are some of the reasons to consider fall:

Great weather, without the extremes

How much do you really enjoy stretches of 90+ degree weather? How about frequent, severe afternoon and evening thundershowers? Summer weather can be warm and agreeable, but it can also be extremely uncomfortable and unpredictable. If your main reason for vacationing in the summer is the warm weather, you’d be much happier vacationing in the fall. September and even early October still have warm days, but they don’t have nearly as much of the humidity or unpredictability. You can have all of the sunshine and warm temperatures, but none of the stifling heat or dangerous thunderstorms.

See the great attractions without the wait

Have you always wanted to see the Statue of Liberty up close? Do you dream of finally being able to see the Grand Canyon? Do you just want to enjoy the beach or boardwalk? You can easily do all of these things in the summer, but you’re going to be standing in a lot of lines when you do it. Since summer is such a popular season for vacation, every destination is bound to be packed with people. If you go during the fall, you can finally say goodbye to long lines! You’ll be able to see all of your dream destinations, but you won’t have to spend a lot of time waiting to actually experience them.

coastal town in fall

Unbeatable Prices

May to August is officially known as the high season for hotels, resorts, airlines, rental properties, and any business involved in the travel industry. The high season doesn’t just bring a lot of vacationers to various places across the country; it also brings higher prices for travel. Airline tickets and reservation rates drop significantly once the high season is over. Read anything from TripAdvisor or coastal realty services reviews about traveling during the fall, and you will notice how surprisingly cheap everything is.