Why is Fall a Great Time to Move?

shutterstock_192037553Spring is the busiest time of year for real estate, and many people view it is the best time to buy a home. While buying or renting a home in the spring does have its perks, it’s not necessarily the best time to do so. During the spring, more people are putting their homes on the market and prices are more competitive due to the larger pool of potential buyers. If you’re planning on moving, consider doing it in the fall instead. Coastal Realty Services reviews the benefits of moving during the fall:

Less demand and better rates for homes

If you’re looking to get a good deal, fall is the perfect time to rent or buy a home. During the fall, there is less demand for homes in comparison to the spring and summer. With a smaller pool of interested buyers or renters, sellers are more willing to negotiate their rates to fill the vacancy. While you may have a smaller selection of homes to choose from, you will likely end up getting a better deal. And, you won’t have to worry about competing with tons of other interested buyers or renters.

Movers offer lower rates

Summer is a popular time for moving, especially among families with children. Families with children choose the summer because it doesn’t interfere with the school year. Summer is also a busy moving time for college students who are starting to settle into their new dorms. Because the summer months are a peak time for moving, moving companies can charge higher rates for their services. Their rates will be the lowest in the off-season, which runs from late-September and through the winter. While the fall is better for your pocket, it’s also better for movers who aren’t as likely to break a sweat in the cool weather.

More flexibility with the move

Along with cheaper rates, you also get the benefit of more flexibility when you move in the fall. For instance, things can come up. Maybe your new house isn’t ready on time, or maybe your new job needs you to start earlier than expected. Whatever the case may be, if something were to come up the moving company has a greater availability and will be more likely to adjust their schedule to accommodate you.