4 Things that Turn off Homebuyers


With winter coming to an end, the real estate market’s peak season is just around the corner. If you’ll be listing your home come spring, now’s the time to ensure it’s in tip-top shape. Part of getting your house ready for potential buyers is avoiding elements they don’t like and tailoring your home to suit their preferences. Coastal Realty Services reviews the latest real estate trends, and here’s what they say can really turn buyers off.

  1. Carpet. Nowadays, more and more homeowners prefer hardwood floors over carpet. Hardwood floors are attractive and cleaner looking. If you have beautiful hardwood floors under your carpet, consider tearing out the carpet to show them off. A home with nice hardwood floors may sell faster and for more money than a home covered in carpet.
  1. Bold Paint Colors. While dark and bright paint colors may appeal to some, they don’t appeal to the majority of house hunters. While repainting is relatively cheap and simple to do, it provides another job for homebuyers who want a move-in ready house. It’s better to paint the walls a neutral color, such as off-white or beige, and use accessories to add a pop of color. A simple paint color will appeal to everyone and provide a blank canvas for those looking to add bolder colors.
  1. Wallpaper. Along with bold paint colors, most homebuyers are not fans of wallpaper. Even if it’s only on a single wall, it’s time-consuming to remove and adds yet another task to the list of renovations. It’s best to remove the wallpaper before you show your home and paint the walls a neutral color.
  1. Converted Garage. If your home has a garage, house hunters will want to use the space to park their car and store tools and lawn equipment. If you’ve converted your garage into a game room or music studio, you should convert it back so you don’t miss out on potential buyers.

To sell your home quickly and for top dollar, it’s best to have your property appeal to the majority of buyers.  By avoiding the above pitfalls, you’ll have a better chance of selling your home.